Comparing Yourself To Others | A Helpful Guide To Stop It

A helpful Guide to stop comparing yourself to others. How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others And Learn To Live Your Own Amazing Life

comparing yourself to others: effects

You may always think that everyone is better than you, but it’s just the image that you are seeing no one will be like you because you is you. when you look others that they are better than me at that time you just bring depression in your life if you compare yourself to others it means you are looser. comparing yourself to others is the root cause for feelings of unhappiness, self-blame, and depression.

Comparing yourself to others is the easiest way to feel bad about yourself this negative comparison are the path of happiness.


Comparing yourself to others


what you will learn when you stop comparing yourself to others.

1. At first, you find your soul

2. You know your real face. know who are you.

4. And then you find your real personality that who you are.

5. when you find your soul at that time you will never compare yourself.

If you compare yourself to others at that time you will lose your hobbies. It means that never compare yourself because you are the person that others are always feeling jealous of you.

Don’t compare yourself with

anyone in this world. If you do

so, you are insulting yourself.

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Comparing shows our weakness and everyone is involved in this situation first we should find the way of comparing because we have any kind of comparison .like comparing in work, business, humanity.comparing is not only for outlook that how we look, people will impress from us or not we can impress them from our behavior, standard.

comparing yourself to others

  • Focus on the trip:

Never focus on how rank in comparison to others-life is not a competition it’s a trip. We are all on a journey to find something, to learn, to become something.

  •  People thought:

When you focus on the saying of people at that time you will remain the loser. You don’t know that who wants to be like you but time and again you are trying to be like others. God creates us for living not to bring entertainment in other life I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to compare yourself.





comparing yourself to others

Don’t think that who is me I’m also like you and I also compare myself with everyone because it’s everyone’s habit. You are thinking when I’m like this so why you listen to my words. Because I have experience. One day when I met one person and I told her that I want to be like you because I feel you are so special at that time she told me really;

and I said yes, on that time she laughed and she said that how it’s possible I also pray God that I wish I also be like her. because I also feel that you are so special because everyone wants to be like you and again you compare yourself with us and I told her yeah it’s right that no one is happy from there selves.

Never change who

You are because

Someone else has 

A problem with it

Comparing yourself to others:

Whatever you want you to do because it’s your life and no one has the right to tell you something. I want to tell you one thing if someone tell you something for your goodness you sit and listen to it properly if they want to tell you something that it has bad effects on your mind or future on that time you must to tell them who are you it’s my life and you have not any right to tell me this kind of stupid things.

It’s my life and I will select how I go on with my rules and I don’t care what people think because the mouth of people is the door of the city.






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