What is kidney stone? and what are its symptoms?

A kidney is one of the most vital parts of human machinery which not only takes an essential part in your urinary system but also it is the place where wastes and toxins are separated from the blood and other body parts. There are two kidneys. Both are present in the left and right lower side of your body attached to the dorsal body wall. Kidney shows many defects but one of them is kidney stone.

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What is kidney stone?

What is kidney stone? and what are its symptoms?

kidney stone


Kidney stones are mostly called renal calculi or renal calculus. The minerals in the form of rock or crystalline structures which are formed inside your kidney are called kidney stones. These stones can also form in any portion of your urinary tract and they are named according to the place where they are formed. A study suggests about one in ten Americans have kidney stones.

The chances of kidney formation in male and female both are the same and these stones can grow in any age of your life. They are seen in children, they are seen in the adults and as well as in aged people. Once you formed a kidney stone, the chances of your kidney stone formation increase up to 50% in five years.

How kidney stones are formed?

Kidney stones are formed mostly formed due to the low water intake. Low water causes the formation of concentrated urine. This concentrated urine contains the sticky ions or crystals which join each other and forms larger hard masses of rocks which are termed commonly kidney stones.

The size of kidney stones varies from to 2mm up to 26mm. The small kidney stones can be flushed out of the body easily but with increasing time the size of kidney stones also increases. sometimes these large stones come out of the kidney and get stuck into the ureter, bladder and also even urethra.

Kinds of kidney stones

Most kidney stones are classified according to their structural components or compounds in the stone.

Calcium stones-kidney stone

What is kidney stone? and what are its symptoms?

Calcium Oxalate Stones, the most common

These stones contain about calcium-containing compounds which include calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, etc.  The most common stone which is mostly formed is the oxalate stones. Oxalate not only occurs naturally in our food but also it is formed by the liver.

Uric acid stones-kidney stone

Uric acid stones are formed when the acidity of your blood is very high and you have a large amount of uric acid in your blood. There is a greater chance of these stones to form in obese and diabetic patients. The cause of high uric acid in your blood is your daily dietary intake which consists of animal proteins such as beef, poultry, and pork, etc. These cause a higher concentration of uric acid in your blood which causes uric acid stones formation.

Struvite stones-kidney stone

What is kidney stone? and what are its symptoms?

4 Types of kidney stones

These stones form due to the infection of your urinary tract. These are mostly formed from the minerals formed by the bacteria. These stones grow more quickly in size than any other type of stone. It is more common in women.

Cystine stones-kidney stone

These stones are mostly larger than other stones formed. They are formed due to the high level of cystine in your blood. Cystine is not usually released in the body but due to disorder cystinuria the amount of cystine in the blood increases which may join together to form these type of stone.

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