Qualities of a teacher.

Qualities of a teacher…

First-off we must know who is teacher???

Teacher is a position which must have a very high personality and character. Today we will know some qualities of a best teacher.

  1. Passionate.
  2. Well Educated.
  3. Controlling.
  4. Behavior.
  5. having more knowledge.
  6. Convincing power.
  7. Must be a good Leader.
  8. Motivational person.
  9. A great  Ideal.
  10. Time management.
  11. Must know every students name.
  12. Teacher’s personality.
  13. Communication skills.
  14. Appearance.
  15. Tackling power.
  16. Must have birds eye view.
  17. Give live example.
  18. Do everything practical.
  19. Must act natural.
  20. Must be mentally mature.
  21. Must not gossip.

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