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These days, many businesses have a site, and this has caused hundreds of competing sites in each and every area of your business to operate. Search engines are searching. So everyone is trying to win higher ranks in order to attract more customers and profitability of their sites on the search result page, so, this is the SEO process or SEO writing. There are many websites that provide free SEO tools for SEO writers.

What is SEO

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization, which has similar words like SEO or search engine optimization.


On-page SEO: On-page SEO is all of the internal site optimization processes that are done to rank engine results.

Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO is all of the internal site optimization processes that are done to rank engine results.

Several of on-page SEO of the sites is linked to contents and articles on the web. Surely you have often heard that the content is king. Indeed, your website content plays a crucial role in SEO writing.

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SEO writing principles and concepts:

SEO writers need to use a word search that should be exactly the result of users and their goals of search access. Since Google has been trying to display the top of the line in page and show search engines to users. SEO writers should build content that be liked by Google. SEO writers need to follow certain principles below, we will examine in detail.


finding keyword

Analyze your keyword

Your subject matter in SEO writing should have a definite purpose. Initially, begin with a specific subject and chase the same subject in SEO writing. The keyword is a word or combination of complex phrases use to attract organic search traffic. Appropriate use of targeted keywords to integrate the content on the web will serve the purpose of the users and thus get higher visibility.


title for seo

Male a Title

The article title is one of the important parts, cuz it ’s the first part that observes profit in the Google search result page. Hence, SEO writer needs to choose an article title that should be appropriate and inviting and make users click on the link of your page.


picture for seo writing


Applying video, audio, and especially images to the website will give readers a better comprehension and visualization. So, SEO writers should choose one or more than one high quality of images for SEO writing.

This will help your visitors understand the SEO writing better, but Google and the search engine size will not be able to see the image, so it should help with what we are saying below:

  • Apply a keyword in the file name like SEO-writing.png
  • Use a keyword for the text to replace the photo or alt tag

When Google’s robots come up with images on your site, reading the filename and the Alt tag will figure out what the image is about, and this will help your articles rank better.



H1 Title

In the SEO writing, In your first or second paragraphs, it is best to specify your keyword individually or as a sentence with  h1 tag and then use the h2 and h3 tags Google and other search engines place great importance on the header tags, and when they come up with the tags they recognize what the main purpose of the article and keyword.


In the SEO writing, SEO writer should repeat his keywords several times, but don’t overdo it because it will make Google sensitive to your website and think you are going to spam it. The result will be over-optimize, and his story may not gain a decent rating.



SEO writers need to practice to improve your SEO writing skills and get your content to the upper line of Google search results. You may find it difficult at the beginning but after writing a few other SEO writings become routine. You unconsciously follow them and you get the SEO writing.

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • The first paragraph
  • With H1 tag
  • Replace alt tag photo text
  • Last paragraph

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